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The success of the CCHS Boys soccer program is the result of the hard work that players put in during the off-season. If you care about becoming part of this program you must be willing to work hard on behalf of your teammates, ensuring that you arrive to preseason in the fall in the best shape of your life. Run, workout, get touches on the ball.

The Preseason Overview will give you he fitness requirements, as well as what you need to bring with you to camp. The Team Calendar provides detailed information about times and locations of preseason sessions and scrimmages.


A Description of the Cooper 's Test can be found HERE.  Finally, to help you prepare for the Beep Test, you can download the Beep Test itself as well as Beep Test Instructions.

Top Beep Test Score 153 - Ray Pavlik 2022

Top Cooper's Test Score 9 1/4 - Thomas Ratcliffe

See you in the fall, come prepared! 


Beep Test -
Beep Test Instructions -
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