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Lois Wells

The Kicks for Cancer game is held annually in memory of Concord resident Lois Wells, who passed away in 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer.  Lois is the mother of Steve Wells, who is the team's assistant coach. Steve, and his older brother Dan, both played in the program during the 1990’s.  

Prior to her unexpected cancer diagnosis, Lois was healthy and active. She enjoyed working out in the gym at her workplace several days a week, swimming, and taking nature walks. Despite her energy and seemingly good health, like a majority of women who learn they have ovarian cancer, by the time Lois was diagnosed, her disease had already spread and treatments were unable to stop her cancer from growing. Unlike cervical cancer there is no test for early detection of ovarian cancer. Unlike breast cancer, there typically are no observable signs of early disease. Early detection yields better outcomes, which is why almost 90% of women with breast cancer survive 5 years after diagnosis. Lois died from ovarian cancer after nine months of treatment at the age of 67. Ten years later, she is still deeply missed by her children, grandchildren, family members, and friends.

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